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She killed every month, twelve a year, and was for all intents and purposes a serial killer of middle aged men. My friend, I am only grieved that you of all others should have been so deceived. . “Very well,” he said, “I will go. “Then assuredly!” said Manning. Coat, on the present occasion, he had none, it being more convenient, as well as agreeable to him, to pursue his avocations in his shirtsleeves; but, when fully equipped, he wore a large-cuffed, long-skirted garment, which had once been the property of his master. And I’ll have that story off you as we journey back to town.

Video ID: TW96aWxsYS81LjAgKFdpbmRvd3MgTlQgMTAuMDsgV2luNjQ7IHg2NCkgQXBwbGVXZWJLaXQvNTM3LjM2IChLSFRNTCwgbGlrZSBHZWNrbykgQ2hyb21lLzgwLjAuMzk4Ny4xNDkgU2FmYXJpLzUzNy4zNiAtIDkxLjkyLjI1NS4yMTggLSAwNC0wMy0yMDI0IDA0OjQzOjAzIC0gMjA0NzEyOTcxNw==

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